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Qalupalik -

A humanoid creature from Inuit mythology, qalupaliks are water beings who live under the ice. They look like humans but they have long hair with green skin, long fingernails and ugly faces. They wear an amautit, which is a form of pouch that Inuit parents wear to carry children. 

Qalupaliks are very similar to grindylows. They steal children and babies. They usually wait at the water’s edge to snatch away any children who wander away from their parents and go too close to the water. They will also seek out disobedient children and kidnap them. The qalupalik will put a child into their amautik, take them into the water and keep them forever. 

There is no way to get a child back once it has been stolen by the qalupaliks. The only real defense against them is to notice the distinctive humming sound they make before they appear. 

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