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I think Humankind has always been in need of balance between the forces of Light & Dark, Life & Death, Passion/Desire & Obligation/Responsibility, Individual Freedom & Social Control……. 

I think superstition, fear, intolerance, politics, money, sex, racism and power have ALL twisted and destroyed the souls of most SPIRITUAL RITES and now we hunger for meaning and a sense of unified sacredness.

  We must remember how BIG the world is now and how wonderfully diverse most communities are.  We don’t need to enforce everyone to pray to the same gods anymore in order to ensure public safety and prevent social upheaval.  Haven’t we progressed as a people to allow others to worship as they please?


Rokurokubi -

Rokurokubi is a curse from Japanese mythology that causes a woman to appear normal during the day but when their body falls asleep at night their necks grow, giving their heads the ability to roam around freely. The curse is usually caused by the woman committing some kind of sin against the gods or nature, or being unfaithful to her husband. In some stories a woman is turned into a rokurokubi for a misdeed her husband or father caused but the man escaped punishment somehow. Only women can be inflicted with the rokurokubi curse.

They are usually harmless, they simply chase small animals and cause mischief to frighten humans. They also feed off oil from lamps by lapping it up with their long tongues. In some cases the woman might be unaware of the curse as it occurs when she is asleep. Rumored rokurokubi were regularly featured in Japanese freak-shows in the 19th century. 

There is no cure for the rokurokubi curse. 

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